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Our Programs

Kenya Registered Community Health Nursing Program

Takes duration of 3 1/2 years.


  • KCSE Aggregate Score of C (plain)
  • Mandatory Subjects:C (plain) in English or Kiswahili
  • Mandatory Subjects:C (plain) in Biology (or Biological Sciences)
    • Additional Subjects:C- in any of the following: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Physical Science

Diploma in clinical medicine and surgery program

Candidate who wish to study the diploma in clinical medicine and surgery must have attained a KCSE mean grade of C (plain) or its equivalent and passed in the course cluster as indicated below:

Mandatory subject clusters: A minimum of C (plain) in the courses:


English or Kiswahili


Additional subject clusters: A minimum of C- (minus) in any two of the following:

Physical sciences

Mathematics or Physics