The Orthopedic Surgery department and inpatient wound ward at Tenwek Hospital stays extremely busy, treating a multitude of adult and pediatric orthopedic injuries ranging from emergency trauma from to elective arthroscopy and joint replacement.  Recent growth in the use of botabota's has resulted in a significant increase in orthopedic trauma from road traffic accidents, increasing the demand for orthopedic surgeons in Kenya.  Tenwek is responding to this demand with the introduction of a full residency program in orthopedic surgery, which launched January 1, 2014. Learn more about the residency program here.

Services Offered: Fracture reduction, internal/external fixation, I&D for septic joints, arthroscopy, total knee replacement, total hip replacement, vertebral fusion, amputations and more. 

Clinic Days: Mondays and Wednesdays 9am-5pm