Social Work

Tenwek has been serving its Kenyan community for almost 80 years now.   Though most know the hospital for its amazing medical services, we are also proud of our non-physical services as well.  The hospital serves a population of around 600,000 people however not all of these patients have the ability or resources to fully pay their medical bills.  In such cases we provide an impeccable Social Work team.  This team will assess the financial abilities of each needy patient in order to provide the appropriate financial and communication services. Adoption services are also used when dealing with orphaned children.  Each member of our team has a love and passion for every patient at Tenwek which has allowed them to serve hundreds of patients annually. 

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Adolescent Clinic

The social work department, nutritionists, nurses, the CEO, and clinical officer participate in clinics for adolescent patients. These patients are living with HIV and most of them are orphans. These clinics happen the first Saturday of every month at the hospital. The adolescents are encouraged and taught the importance of remaining in Christ and how to remain sexually pure. The nurses and nutritionist will perform free check-ups for these patients. The CEO also assists these adolescents in taking fun trips three times a year to areas such as the Maasai Mara.