Hospice is a team approach towards providing palliative care to terminally ill patients and supportive services to their families. Physical, social, spiritual and emotional care is provided during the late stages of an illness, during the end of life process, and during the bereavement period. By providing quality, compassionate care for people facing life-limiting illness, patients and their families can maintain their dignity as they face the end stages of life. Hospice can provide services that include giving medicines that prevent and relieve pain and other distressing symptoms, supplemental nutrition and vitamins, psychological and spiritual support, bereavement counseling, and orphan care planning. Families are taught how to care for their loved one.

Tenwek Hospice was established in 2001 by nurse Ruth Tomisawa in response to a great need to care for people with terminal illnesses such as cancer, but also to the growing number of people living with HIV/AIDS. Since that time, over 2,088 home visits have been made by the hospice team.

Tenwek Hospice strives to show Jesus' love and compassion to those who are dying so that they can know peace, comfort, and dignity as they face the end of their life's journey.

To contact Hospice or find out more call: +254-703-688-072