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For Visiting Physicians

Who can volunteer?: Short-term volunteer placement at Tenwek Hospital is coordinated through World Medical Missions, a branch of the Samaratin's Purse Organization.  WMM works to coordinate service opportunities for licensed physicians, residents, dentists and some allied health professionals for trips from 2 weeks to up to one year in length.  Information regarding short term missions can be found on the Samaritans Purse World Medical Mission webpage.  

What you will see: Tenwek Mission Hospital serves a large population base that is dispersed over a broad geographic region. As such, the pathology that presents at Tenwek is very advanced. A variety of infectious diseases and opportunistic infections that are rare in daily practice in the US are endemic to Western Kenya and make up a significant portion of our patient load. Please review patho-physiology for meningitis (bacterial, viral, TB), HIV, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Pneumocystis carinii, Cryptococcus, Toxoplasma, Salmonella typhi etc. for your respective field. Patients here often present with other chronic diseases such as uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, COPD/congestive heart failure (due to cooking indoors), neoplastic disease, thyroid goiters (due to iodine deficiencies) and rheumatic heart disease. Keep in mind that diagnostic testing is limited to basic labs, cytology, X-ray, ultrasound/echo and CT scans, and can take longer than you are used to- be prepared to make decisions based more heavily on clinical criteria.

Hospital Schedule:

  • Medicine: 7:30-8 rounding in ICU/HDU, 8-9 teaching conference, 9-10:30 interns pre-round, 10:30-11:15 in-service teaching, 11:15-1 rounding w/ attendings.  1-2 Lunch, 2-6 Casualty (ER)/Clinic 
  • Surgery: 7-8 AM- rounds, 8-9 teaching conference, 9-6 operating or clinic
  • Peds: 8-9 AM- rounds, 9-10:30 review admissions/critical care, 10:30-11:00 in-service teaching/review, 11-1 PM pediatric rounds, 1-2 lunch, 2-3 interns pre-round nursery, 4-5 rounds in nursery. 

Things to bring: For most questions and details regarding your travel and what to bring for daily life at Tenwek, please consult the Samaritans Purse World Medical Mission webpage.

Clinicians must bring their own white coat and scrubs. Clinicians may find it useful to bring their own Oto/Opthalmascope (and batteries/charger), hand sanitizing gel and small calculator (for unit conversions to US standards). Surgeons should bring their own white coats and scrubs (scrubs are worn at all times in the hospital, including on clinic days)- surgeons may find it useful to bring their own eye-protection, sterile gloves if they require an uncommon size (smaller than 6 1/2, larger than 8) and specialty lights/headlamps. If you have specific questions regarding available equipment, or equipment needs,  please contact a long-term physician in your field. 

Non-Medical Volunteers:

For those interested in short-term (4 weeks- 1 year) missions outside of the direct healthcare fields, Tenwek has a number of opportunities and needs including social work, community health and development, adult/family ministries, children's ministries/education, research and more.  For volunteers in this category, Tenwek utilizes the Volunteers in Action (VIA) program through the World Gospel Mission.  To find out more about the VIA program click here or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.