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Tenwek Hospital
P.O Box 39 - 20400
Bomet, KENYA


We Treat. Jesus Heals.


Mission Statement: 

"Tenwek Hospital is a Christian community committed to excellence in compassionate healthcare, spiritual ministry, and training for service to the glory of God." 

About Tenwek:

Tenwek Hospital was founded in 1937 by World Gospel Mission missionaries and has since grown to be a leading provider of quality healthcare and medical education in Western Kenya, and one of the largest mission hospitals in Africa. It is a non-profit hospital funcitoning under the leadership of Africa Gospel Church in partnership with World Gospel Mission

Tenwek is a 300 bed teaching hospital with a wide range of surgical, medical, maternity and pediatric services. It provides primary health care to 600,000 people within a 32 kilometer radius and serves as a referral center for a much larger region. General wards range from six to 17 beds each. Semiprivate rooms with private baths are available. Private isolation rooms, an eye ward, and an orthopedic ward were added in 1997. Six operating rooms along with a recovery room provide facilities for a wide range of surgical services. The maternity unit contains 55 beds, three delivery tables, and an independent operating room. 

Through partnerships with various organizations, long term and visiting physicians (Facilitated through Samaritan’s Purse), provide Tenwek patients with expertise in hospital care, out-patient treatment (Supported through USAID), and HIV/AIDS care through the PEPFAR program.

Tenwek is also supported by Friends of Tenwek (FOT), a U.S.-based non-profit organization dedicated to developing key relationships and resources that help Tenwek fulfill its mission.  FOT has raised funds through various organizations and private donors to support the projects and goals of Tenwek Hospital in adition to keeping those who have visited Tenwek in the past informed and involved with what's happening at Tenwek today. 

Nothing we do at Tenwek Hospital would be possible without the complete and sanctifying love of our Savior Jesus Christ. He is the reason for our ministry. We work to meet the needs of the whole person, as reflected in the Hospital's mission statement.